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Hey hacker! Join us for our hackathon, poolesville_hacks 2! Wait, don't go! I know what you're thinking, we don't break into banks. Hacking is actually used as a term referring to a rough solution to a problem, so our super chill competition refers to a bunch of teams creating rough solutions to problems relating to a certain topic.

Over the course of a day, you'll spend time creating (or learning how to create) an awesome project, making a ton of friends, enjoying free food, and more!



  • Built anything that relates to the three topics


  • Description of project, add information that you think would be helpful for the judges :)

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$710 in prizes

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Our World

Into the Unknown


Superlatives: tree

Superlatives: Social Good

Superlatives: Most Likely to Get Arrested

Superlatives: Wurst Project

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James Xu

James Xu

Jaden Hou

Jaden Hou

Janice Bailey

Janice Bailey

Judging Criteria

  • Topical
    Is the project on topic to the track? (applies for Track based award participants)
  • Creative
    Is the project unique or interesting? Does the project has something special to bring?
  • Presentation
    How well is your project being presented? Do you get your idea across?
  • Quality
    Is the project well thought out and fine-tuned? Does the project demonstrate proper understanding of the programs used?
  • Accessibility
    Can everyone use the project? Would this project easy to use and understand?

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